This Wiki has not been updated for the class since I don't teach it any more. But, feel free to edit as needed and use if it is useful to you. Use Technology in your teaching, just don't let it overwhelm the content.--mht

This is a Wiki for the SE300 Technology to TechnologyintheClassroom.jpg

Enhance Education class. SE300 is a course designed to educate teacher candidates how to effectively incorporate technology into classrooms of middle or high school students.

The Wiki's creation is also intended to act as a resource for these same students after they become classroom teachers. Past students can add information on the following: lessons, technology that has or has not worked in the classroom (and reasons why), good lesson plan sites, and other technology and teaching related discussion.

Topics for Exploration:


General Technology Education Issues
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Lesson Plan Websites

Office 2010

Photo Story

Second Life

SMART Boards

Starter Sheets

Technology and Math

Technology and Physical Education

Technology and Science

United Streaming


Web 2.0

Web Site Evaluations

Web Hosting