Starter Sheets for English Teachers!
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The Starter Sheets on this page are excellent tools to help teach various areas of Language Arts.

Great books online! This website, which visual learners find particularly appealing, offers free access to all types of literature, from reference works to poetry.

This website helps students accurately cite the information used in academic papers.

Offering numerous interactive resources from video productions to online games, this website aims to get students excited about entering the world of Shakespeare.

This website features an online translator and primarily focused on translating words to and from German.

This website offers an incredible amount of resources for English teachers, from lesson plans to interactive activities.

Storybird: Collaborative storytelling for families and friends.

This site page addresses Sensory Learning, especially in the areas of Visual and Kinesthetic. This page is very supportive of being creative—it shows you how to create your own stories with text and pictures! They point out that the site can be used for all age groups and subject areas.

Storyline Online—Let’s Read It!
This site page also addresses Sensory Learning, especially Visual and Aural Learning. It applies Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy of Understanding and Applying. This is a fun site that will appeal to students because it provides stories read by famous speakers and celebrities. It is a great resource for teachers because it also provides interactive internet activities to do with students after the story. Background information is also provided on the authors and readers of the stories. The age group it focuses on is typically K-4.

Story Mash—The Future of Collaborative Fiction
This site page addresses Visual Sensory Learning and focuses on creating blogs. Story Mash allows creative writers or English students to read, post to forums, and create their own stories (chapter by chapter). This site also provides a social and interactive aspect because writers can go public and share their stories!

This can be used from the 5th grade level to any adult.

This site offers many free Spanish tutorials to use while practicing and learning the language of Spanish.

This site is designed to help teachers improve their students' desire to read.

This site provides multiple resources and support for teaching.

This site provides hints and tools for teachers who want to teach English as a second language.

This site offers resources for teaching, lesson planning, and more on a number of authors, genres, texts, and topics.

This site is a collaborative project which produces a free-content multilingul dictionary, as well as a thesaurus, a rhyme guide, phrase books, language statistics, and extensive appendices.

This site provides information and resources such as handouts and links to find books and lessons on writing and teaching writing.

This site can be used by both students and teachers to find definitions to words and practice vocabulary.

This site allows anyone to look up definitions.

This site provides help with novels. This could involve overviews, plots, themes, characters, and trailers to help students understand certin novels.

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