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What is HotChalk?
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HotChalk is a learning environment for K-12 teachers, students and parents that includes a learning management system (LMS), a rich library of teacher-contributed lesson plans, premium digital content, and professional development for teachers in a Web-based environment. Available through any Internet browser, the HotChalk Learning Environment is an easy to use system and brings teachers, students and parents together to improve education.

HotChalk for Teachers

Enhance Your Teaching Practice
with HotChalk's Learning Management System

The HotChalk Learning Environment is the online teaching resource you have been looking for. Designed to make your life easier, HotChalk provides a free online learning management system (MyClasses), a robust library of free and premium digital content (MyLibrary), and a portal into the today’s educational landscape with innovative articles and the latest news (MyDesk).
By deploying HotChalk’s learning management system in the classroom, you will provide a daily resource for students and parents to drive academic results.

HotChalk contains websites for teachers help on lesson plans. Click on the pictures to navigate to the website.

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Stay on Top of Your Schoolwork with a Learning Management System that Works!

With all the tests, homework, reports, essays and special projects, school can be hard work. How do you keep up with everything, and make sure you are getting good grades? HotChalk can help.
With HotChalk’s MyClasses, you can stay on top of your schoolwork with a computer. It’s like having a direct link into your classroom – from any computer with an Internet connection. And it’s fast, easy and free to all students.
Your teacher has already loaded everything into HotChalk. All you have to do is login to access all the materials you need to get your homework done faster and be the best student you can be.

With HotChalk you can:

  • Receive and hand in homework
  • Keep track of assignments and tests
  • Check on due dates
  • Ask your teacher questions
  • Discuss issues with classmates on message boards
  • See your grades
Once you start using HotChalk, you’ll see why it is changing the way kids do their schoolwork all across the world. Check out HotChalk today and see for yourself.

Check out these two websites for students by clicking on the pictures.

HotChalk for Parents

Stay Connected with Your Child's Teacher, Classroom and Academic Success

Join HotChalk today, and give your child the edge in school. Your involvement in your child’s education is an essential foundation of academic achievement.

Why Should You Get Online with HotChalk?

  • HotChalk is an Online Learning System (LMS)
  • A Connection to Your Child’s Classroom
  • A Line of Communication to Teachers
  • Free to Join and Easy to Use
  • The Future of Education

What Can You Do on HotChalk?

  • View your child’s attendance and grades online
  • Receive automatic email notification for assignments
  • Keep track of all upcoming tests and projects
  • Email teachers to discuss your child’s progress

Connect to Your Child’s Education

Staying in touch with your child's educational needs and academic progress is always a challenge. Report cards are simply not enough. The secret is staying connected. The more you participate in the educational process and work with your child's teachers, the more successful your student will be.
The answer is HotChalk – an online window into your child’s classroom via the Web and e-mail. Teachers use HotChalk's learning management system to plan and execute lessons, students use HotChalk to stay on top of schoolwork, and parents like you use HotChalk to support your child’s academic development. With HotChalk, you can be proactive about education, and ensure that your child is reaching his or her full potential throughout the year, not just at test time.
Every day in the classroom can be a valuable learning experience for your child. You can be an integral part of that experience. The time to sign up for HotChalk is now.
If your local school is not already signed up for HotChalk, refer the teacher to www.hotchalk.com.