This is the last page of the Google SketchUp tutorial. You will be building the bottom of your birdhouse.

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Fifth Page: Adding the Roof.


This is the bottom view. To draw the bottom, draw a line 1/8" up from the bottom corner of the side to point A.Then draw another line straight up from point A 3/4". This will designate the thickness of the board. Then draw linesperpendicular to these in the direction of the red arrow, creating a rectangle on the screen. Then pull the corresponding box out by grabbing the sidedesignated by the red paint on the picture. Drag this until it fills in the whole space creating the bottom or your birdhouse.


Another thing you must do is add the dowel rod that is glued to the back of the house. This dowel rod puts compression force onto the back of the roof to keep it in place. You can do this by drawing a line from the edge of the back piece, out 1/4". This will make the dowel rod 1/2" in diameter. Once the circle is drawn, make sure it touches the rooftop. Then push it out and extend it until it meets the edge of the roof on the other side. The finished product is in the picture below.

This is what it should look like, Congratulations on your first Google SketchUp Project.Back to Beginning.