Now you can start on the roof....

First page: Introduction
Second page: Back Side
Third Page: Side of birdhouse
Fourth Page: What's the definition of insanity?
Sixth Page:
Seventh Page:

The next step is to add the roof to the house.

To create the roof of the house, draw a line from point D to C, and then from D to B, then finally B to C.
This will make a triangle. Do this to fill in the other side using points A D and B. Then delete the line running diagonalfrom D to B. The finished product should look like the picture on the right.
Pull the top that you just created up 3/4". Then extend a line from the top of the roof board to the back of the bird house. You will have to delete thelines that are created until a flush top piece is created. Then extend the roof piece outward like the picture.
Line A to B should be 6 1/2". Once you create this line, run a line parallel to the blue plane down to the bottom of the roof at point B.Once the lines are drawn showing the end of the roof, erase all the parts before them designated in red.
Your final roof piece should look like this. To continue to the next page, click here, you will draw the bottom and be finished.