The fourth page of a rather easy, but getting lengthier tutorial on how to create a birdhouse in Google SketchUp.

First page: Introduction
Second page: Back Side
Third Page: Side of birdhouse
Fourth Page: What's the definition of insanity?
Fifth Page: Putting on the roof.

In order to copy the side and place it on the opposite side you will have to use the black arrow cursor button on the top left. But, before you copy the sideyou must draw a line from the bottom on the opposite side. The point will locate the copy that you make. Now, using the black selection tool, and holding the control key downselect all the corresponding sides of the left side. Go up the menu bar and under EDIT click copy. Then click paste and locate the side to the point drawn earlier in this step.

This is what it should look like when you paste and locate the opposite side.

To make the front of the birdhouse start at the corner designated by the red dot on the picture above.Then, using the Rectangle tool and making sure the correct plane is highlighted, enter the length and width of the front piece. 5 1/2" , 9 7/8"Yes, the top corner doesn't match up, but, don't worry, it is for ventilation, which will be explained later with construction of the roof piece.
Then, when you make the front part as in the previous step, use the Push / Pull tool and pull out the concave areasto match them up with the side of the birdhouse. There will be a line left over, make sure to erase them on both sides.
Draw a line from red dot to red dot with the dimensions on the picture. The midpoints are picked up by the cursor so you don't needto worry about finding them. Then create the circle where the two lines cross.
Erase the lines around the circle and inside the circle, but not the circle itself. Then Push the circle through to a depthof 3/4". If you don't go far enough then it will have a piece left in it. If you go past 3/4" then it will make thehole, but also a long tube attached to it. When finished it should look like the picture.Continue on to the next page, Putting on the roof.