Welcome to the third installment of your new skills in the Bow staff...errr...Google SketchUp.

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You should have already completed the back of your birdhouse. Now for the sides.

To draw the sides you could just take a rectangle and click and drag, but I found that if you start with lines it is much easier. Draw a line from the bottom of the back board to point A. Then another line from point A to point B. This total distance should be 10 3/4". Now you can make the rectangle. Make sure to rotate your drawing in order to draw the rectangle in the correct plane.
When you finish your rectangle, Push it back 3/4". This will make a hollow box, which must be filled in with another rectangle.

This is your finished side. Now you must add the diagonal cutout on the top.


In order to make the diagonal cut on the top of your side piece you must first draw lines like earlier. Draw a line from the bottom of the side up 9 3/4".Then, draw a line perpendicular to that point. This will be the finished edge. More on this in a bit.

Then, form a triangle out of the lines that you have just drawn. Then, delete the top lines in order to subtract the top triangle from the bottom part of the side that you would like to keep.
This is what your side should look like when you delete the top lines. This diagonal cut will allow for roof drainage on top of the house, and will act as ventilation for the inhabitants. The next page will show you how to copy this side onto the other, saving time. Click here to continue to page four.