The Starter Sheets on this page are excellent tools for various areas of Family and Consumer Science.

Food Gawker is a website that contains recipes that students can use in a Food or Nutrition class. This website also discusses proper dining out etiquette, has interviews with people in the culinary field, and has information about the necessary tools for cooking.

The Scrub Club is geared to teaching young children about germ prevention. The website has fun games, short quizzes, and activities to help children learn about germs. Other students can use this website to research germs and bacteria.

Self-Nutrition Data allows students to enter what they have eaten throughout the day. There is an option for students to monitor their food consumption throughout the unit. The website has other useful nutrition management tools and can be applied to many classes including culinary arts, nutrition, human development, and health.

My Deco is a very useful website for designing a room, making a mood-board, or decorating a picture because it’s the future! This website can be used in Housing and Interior Design and allows students to have a digital feel when designing.

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