Cool FREE Tools for Teachers!!!!

This wiki is here to be a reference for teachers to find and use FREE tools for teaching across any subject.

9637-Webs.com_top_lg.jpg Webs is a website that will allow anyone to build and create their own website. This would be a great place for all teachers to communicate with parents, post grades, and put up class assignments.

rubistar_logo.gif Rubistar is website where teachers can go and create their own rubrics and grading scales. This is a great website for English teachers creating a rubric for a paper all the way to Physical Education teachers creating rubrics for skills tests. It is very fast and easy to use.

schoolexpress_logo.gif School Express is a website where teachers can go to create their own worksheets, multiple choice quizzes, and word searches. The website has templates for all subjects and is a fast and convenient way for teachers to create assignments for their classes.

worksheet_logo.jpg Worksheet Work is is a website full of worksheets that teachers can use. The worksheets are already premade for teachers to use. There are worksheets for all different types of subjects and the content within them.

safe_image.jpg World of Teaching is a website with a database of PowerPoint presentations. The PowerPoints are uploaded by teachers for others to use in their classrooms. There are PowerPoint presentations for all major subjects and the content within them.

tp-logo-greybg.gif Lesson Plans 4 Teachers is a website that helps teachers create lesson plans. It provides lesson plan templates for all subjects and grade levels. Its a fun and easy way to create lesson plans.

freeology_logo.png Freeology is website that provides teachers with many different free tools. It can help teachers create graphic organizers, planning calendars, worksheets, and games.

certificate_street.jpg Are you looking for a fun and easy way to congratulate your students? Well Certificate Street does just that. It provides teachers with many different types of templates over every subject area to create awards for students.

teachertube_logo.gif TeacherTube is an online community for sharing instructional videos. It is a site where teachers can post videos designed for students to view in order to learn a concept or skill.

ning_logo.jpg Ning is an online service to create, customize and share your own social network. For teachers could be an easy way to have a place in the Web where they can add photos, files, comments or interact with the classroom.

external image wikispaces1.gif Do you want to have your own Wiki? With Wikispaces you can create or edit any number of interlinked webpages. A good tool for teachers who want to give students a space with a lot of information related with a topic and with the chance of create or edit content.

cnlogo.jpgChoral Net is a great resource for choral directors. It provides listening examples, sight reading material, or contact information for directors across the country. It is a great database. It also provides educational articles for teachers to keep up to date on musical happenings in the world.

acda_logo.png The American Choral Directors Association Is an excellent resource for professional development for the choral director.

logo.gifJeopardy Labs is a free website that allows you to create jeopardy games for your classes. Create a username and password that will also allow your students to log on to your game at home. Great for reviews!

To view teacher tools specific to certain subjects check out the starter sheet wiki page for more information.