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Glogster.com is a website that allows users to create posters that can incorporate text, video, audio and images to form their very own glogs. Glogs are customizable and let users pick from either a wide variety of pallets, backgrounds, or their own pictures to act as a backdrop to the presentation. Along with personalized backgrounds, users are able to upload videos or post links in their glogs, add a variety of unique fonts, insert sound files and pictures, or choose from Glogster's own graphics, which are categorized into 15 different subjects.

Glogs are easily shared and can be sent to friends or teachers, printed out, or uploaded to websites and other social networks such as Facebook and Myspace. Glogs can also be posted to the glogster website where they can be uploaded into 15 different categories including: school, celebrities, movers & shakers, school, music, or family & friends.

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Glogster also has it's own educational page, edu.glogster.com, where teachers can create interactive posters, or have students create collaborative class projects and post them in a private and safe student environment. Some of the categories include bullying, books, quotes, and college. Because glogs are only one page long they can be assigned as short projects and could be a fun way to encourage creativity in the classroom.

After creating and sharing your glog, other users are able to comment and rate public glogs and even add it to their favorites. In an educational setting this could provide direct feedback for students from the teacher, and could also allow for peer evaluations from other students in the classroom.

Below is an example of a Physical Education based glog created by a student in SE300. The glog was developed as a part of a tennis lesson plan for students. Each section has a link where the students can discover the various areas of tennis. History, men's tennis, women's tennis and tennis vocabulary are all included in the glog and each have links that direct students to that area of the lesson.