United Streaming in the Classroom

United Streaming is a program which stems from Discovery Education. The program consists of short movie clips on a variety of subjects. Clips are categorized by subject matter for easy access. The clips are broken down into smaller subtopics. One benefit of the site is the ease of downloading the clips. With the limitless usages of video clips, a teacher can create lesson plans and the site has a personal storage place to keep them. A library of lesson plans, categorized by class concentration areas, is another useful section of the site. A few of the other sections include interactive maps, quiz building, and writing prompt builder. The way to easily access the site is to just add the web address to popup blocker listed under internet options and privacy. United Streaming is a tool teachers can use to help students connect concepts to the real world. This is extremely important in a Spanish classroom because one of the goals as a foreign language teacher is to incorporate as much native language use as possible.

United Streaming is an amazing resource that can be used by teachers. There are so many videos that can be added to a lesson to help add flare that will help engage the students when you are teaching. One wonderful feature about United Streaming is that you can show the whole video or just a clip of it without having to search for the section that you want to show. This could also appeal to a variety of learning styles.

The only drawback from using this program would be the other tools needed to incorporate United Streaming into your classroom. There has to be some type of projector hooked up for all students to be able to view the selected video full screen, and it is costly to get a subscription to the United Streaming video website.

United Streaming is a great investment for schools looking to enhance the learning capacity of their students. The website has educational videos for almost every content area, including music and art. Because the website only hosts videos that were originally intended for education purposes, it is a safe place for both students and teachers to look for a video that can enhance a presentation or introduce a new unit.

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Foreign Language Education and United Streaming
United Streaming is a great tool to use in the foreign language classroom because it allows students to see educational clips of movies. When showing videos in the target language you can easily pause the video in order to talk with the students and make sure that they are following what is going on in the video. Students can benefit from viewing these videos because it is a way of reinforcing what we are teaching in the classroom by letting them hear the explanation in a different way.

Language Arts Education and United Streaming
In order to use different kinds of media in the Language Arts classroom, United Streaming could be a great asset to enhance learning. By seeing the connections between literary texts and the everyday world, students will understand that literature is inescapable.
United streaming could be used as:
  • an anticipatory set to give background information on a text or an author
  • to give historical background
  • or to supplement texts read in class.

There is a video to go with almost any type of literature, and it is great when the students can read the story out of the textbook, then visually see a clip or even the entire text on video. Some students do not catch the small details when they read it, and things "click" in their minds when they watch it.

Math Education and United Streaming

There are many math-related videos available through United Streaming. Incorporating these videos into a lesson would not only break up the monotony of working out problems, but will be educational and entertaining. United Streaming in math lessons would help the students connect harder material to real life situations and help them see the importance of the content through the many video options made available.

Music Education and United Streaming
United Streaming can be used in any music classroom whether it is a group ensemble, a general music class, or Band classes. There are videos available about composer's lives and musical periods. By incorporating video into a Smart Board slide, you can have an expert of a particular instrument teach your class and you can give the class extra instruction to help with the association process. This is particularly useful in teaching instruments to students that teachers are less familiar with or comfortable playing.

Physical Education and United Streaming
United Streaming is a great tool for Physical Education teachers.
United Streaming allows you to show video clips of:
  • dance routines
  • demonstrations of how to play a sport correctly
  • demonstrations showing the fundamentals of different sports
  • can also be used to show the students a particular play rather than the teacher demonstrating.
Another main advantage of United Streaming for Physical Education and Health teachers is the ability to incorporate video clips into your lesson plans. There are several videos available regarding sports for Physical Education and alcohol, tobacco, STD's, and safety. If you are not able to find a video clip, it gives a list of articles that can be used in your lesson. These educational videos are great resources for developing class discussions, written exams, and extended thinking on a particular subject.

Social Studies Education and United Streaming
United Streaming is a tool that works hand in hand with the Social Studies curriculum. United Streaming is a great source of pictures and video clips. It is much more effective for students to learn about history if they are able to actually see it. For example, it is one thing to talk about the dropping of the atomic bomb and another to see a video of the bomb being dropped.