Starter Sheets

Starter Sheets are quick introductions to Web 2.0 tools for classroom teachers. The intention of each sheet is to introduce a tool, technology, or activity that could be easily adapted for use in the classroom. Starter sheets contain information on the web address, the process on how to use the tool and some alternatives for the tool.All of the Web 2.0 tools were available for free when the sheets were created.

The idea Starter Sheets comes from Andrew Churches and his wiki Education Origami The template that the students used to create these starter sheets was used with his permission. His adaptation of Blooms Digital Taxonomy is referenced in these sheets as well. I am ever so grateful for his inspiration and generosity in allowing my classes to use his idea for a class assignment. I hope past and future students will be able to benefit from the ideas found in these sheets in their own classroom.


Family and Consumer Sciences

General Educational Resources

Industrial Technology

Language Arts



Physical Education


Social Studies