General Lesson Plan Websites

Hot Chalk

Hot Chalk is a compilation of free lesson plans for a variety of subjects. Go to the site . Click on the Lesson Plan tab. Select your content area and grade level. Then simply choose from the various lessons or units provided.


LessonPlanZ offers a wide range of websites that offer lesson plans. First, select your grade level, then content area. Lessons are divided into categories by theme.

The Educator’s Reference Desk

This site has over 2,000 lesson plans with an easy to use search engine that narrows your search down by topic and grade-level. This site also offers reference guides.

Lesson Planet

This website has over 400,000 lesson plans, worksheets, and even has articles by other professionals. There is a free trial or you can sign up for a membership.


Teachers.Net is a wonderful website that provides contains: lesson plans, projects, discussions, job listings, and more. The material is categorized by grade and/or subject.

4teachers This website contains Educator's Resources, articles on integrating technology, as well as tools to help create rubrics and notes.

Content Specific Lesson Plan Websites


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• By Princeton Online, this site offers a wide variety of media and lesson plans for art classes.
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A website that has several lesson plans for Elementary, Middle, and High School Art.


• This site from Jim Burke offers a plethora of worksheets and tools for students, as well as teachers. Almost all the
sheets are designed to fit into a cooperative learning lesson plans.

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• This site lets teachers search through lesson plans by topic and grade level. Also offers a newsletter with up-to-
date technology information.

• This is a great place for math teachers to exchange new ideas and lesson plans.
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• Sign up and gain access to fun new music lessons, games, and worksheets.
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• Offers lesson plans for all grade and activity levels, including holiday themed activities.
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• Lesson plans are arranged by grade level and the benchmarks are available alongside the lesson title. Specific
Science Lesson Plans



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Human Anatomy

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