Anatomy and Physiology

Teaching anatomy and physiology is very difficult to do. Why? There are no GLE's or Standards listed for teaching at the secondary level. Teachers have to develop their own curriculum and teach what they assume is important for the students to learn. Although it gives much leniency to the teacher, it also provides barries for trying to develop ideas for getting the information acrossed to the students. When it comes to anatomy and physiology, rote memorization and hands-on activies are what create a better understanding of the material. Below are some helpful links to different websites and videos that can be applied in the classroom to help students in all learning styles.

Winking Skull

On the Atlas of Anatomy page you have access to different skeletal regions for studying and testing!

The Winking Skull is a website that allows students to interact with the skeletal system. By creating a free account, students can learn the different bones of a certain body area and then quiz themselves when they are done. As a teacher, this website would be great to use for giving a virtual image of each bone. There are also multiple choice tests and essay questions that teachers can use in their own classroom when assessing the students knowledge.

Class Brain

Class Brain is also useful for other subjects such as Art or Physical Education!

This website has many subjects, not just anatomy. It is a site full of interactive materials that covers subjects from Biology to Art or Physical Education. I had alot of fun playing with it and the anatomy section was very well done with a activies like the virtual body and eskeleton which has bones in various conditions. This site is an Index of many other sites and designed with Teens in mind.

BBC Science

By clicking on Puberty Demo on the Homepage, students can see how puberty affects boys and girls differently!

This site is from the BBC and the terms are a little different because the site is run in the UK but it still is a good resource for students studying anatomy and physiology. It has a lot of games, trivia, and a simulation demonstrating what physical changes happens to the body during puberty. This would be useful as a studying tool for students during different units in a semester. Students are given clues, and then allowed to click and drag the organ/muscles to its position in the body. This keeps the students involved with the material because much of anatomy is memorization

Physiology and Sports

By clicking on tab Sport Injuries located on the Homepage, you have access to examples of different sport related injuries!

This is a website that people can use to learn anatomy as well as learn about injuries. This website can help students understand injuries and what muscles are involved in such injuries. This would be useful for a student that is interested in studying physical therapy. This website could also be useful to a coach/athlete to understand what muscles/tendons are injured and how to treat those injuries. It also is useful because it provides links to clinics and also equipment that can aid while the student/athlete is performing.

EdHeads Games

Here is HomePage. Click on the activies located on the right and discover what actives your class can do!

This website allows students to do virtual simulations of hip replacements, knee replacements and deep brain stimulations. It also allows for some virtual dissections, which could be used if a student is unable to perform a dissection or your district doesn't have the funding available for dissections. It also has virtual builders for simple machines and odd machines. Students who are interested in becoming a doctor when benefit very much from this site. This site has several interactive games that provide student with step by step instructions that doctors go through before and during surgery. This is beneficial in the classroom because it provides situations of what muscles cover bones and why a person may have to have surgery. A teacher could connect what is going on in the body with the treatment individuals may need. Teachers could also is this site as study guides, using situation in the storylines as test questions.

Anatomy Arcade


Anatomy Arcade is a website that is described in the name. On the website you can find tons of interactive games that allow students to learn anatomy in an enjoyable yet challenging environment. Along with arcade games, you can access jigsaw, crossword, and word search games as well. there are also videos that can be used to further show different parts of anatomy.

Lesson Plan Websites
This website offers a variety of lesson plans for anatomy and physiology for K-12 teachers. It lists the objectives for each lesson, appropriate grade-level(s), materials required, and instructions to carry out the lesson. Some lessons provide a variety of activites and different approaches to each activity.

This website has anatomy and physiology lesson plans for K-12 teachers. It orgaizes the lesson plans by the body system it corresponds to and before you even click on a lesson it tells you the appropriate grade level (elementary, middle or high school). Each lesson has also been rated by teachers that have used it before. This would be a great website to find activites to give students extra practice.

YouTube Videos

On YouTube, there are many videos that can be used in the classroom or as other resources for the students. It is a great way to find a visual representation of a process or movement. These are just a few examples of videos that can be found.

Sporcle is a web site that allows students to test themselves in anatomy and physiology, and have fun at the same time.This is a great way for students to test themselves in ap, everything from identifying body parts to to organs to the muscles and bones. If students have a interest in the human body this is a great way to self test oneself.For example i chose -Can you name the parts of the body? This was easy and fun.

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